Quick weekend

Rick and I only had a short time to visit his parents in Anson, TX before he had to go out of town for work. Since he left a day earlier to attack some of those “son” tasks, I got to take my time going and coming! It was nice to do a little exploring along the way.

First stop was to Natty Flats, TX. Where, you say? Well, it’s a little (aka teeny) place heading north on 281 just outside of Lipan (where again? You know Texas: full of little towns). If you haven’t seen it, here is the eye-grabber:

World's largest rocker!

World’s largest rocker!

It really is a sight to see. Then I had to try the food when I saw this:

good barbecue!

good barbecue!

The pulled pork sandwich was amazing, as were the beans and the baked potato salad (see the full report on http://www.yelp.com).

I managed to stop and take some pictures of Americana along the way: the not-so-thriving town of Putnam, followed by Baird, Cisco, and Ranger. Oh, and the smokestack in Thurber. All have stories, but I will have to leave that for another day, unfortunately.

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New year, new happenings!

Life seemed to get in the way of my blogging the past few months. I was busy and could never find time to just sit, gather thoughts and photos, and put it in a blog!

So I decided to organize my time better and schedule time to write (amazing idea, huh?). I try to schedule everything else, so why not this? I really enjoy getting my thoughts out, and I’ve forgotten my original purpose, which was to blog about places and things that interest me.

So! Here we go into 2014, another year older and (I hope) wiser. Rick and I have been blessed with an amazing grandson, our kids are healthy, our son got a “big boy” job and is well on his way, and I’ve been able to spend more time with my mom, thanks to a great husband and a part-time job. I feel very blessed.

And since one of my resolutions is to actually lose the extra 15 pounds that have been hanging around, I started the new year with a hike in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX–right down the road! It was wonderful, even in the dead of winter. Seems a lot of other people had my same idea!

I didn’t exactly plan on hiking the 5 miles, but all turned out okay. I will go back again, hold onto the park map (!), and hike another route, as well as try other state parks in my neck of the woods (thanks to my All Trails app on my phone). Attached are some pictures of the beautiful area.

Bring it on New Year!

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Traveling to New Mexico

Oh how we love New Mexico. Now, truthfully, I am glad we don’t live there anymore, even though Texas summer heat can be unbearable at times! Yes, New Mexico is hot, but without the humidity. It really does make a difference!

But even Rick said, “It’s good to be back in New Mexico. We’re never going to leave it permanently.” That is so good to know! We were/are blessed to have a cabin there, in the mountains of Ruidoso, and friends who make it even more worthwhile to go back. I just wish it wasn’t an 8 hour drive now, compared to the two hours from Carlsbad, which we managed to make just about every weekend for 2 years!

As you can see by the pictures, coming and going, that New Mexico is beautiful (although as my husband also commented, “you kinda lose your depth perception in the #$@* desert”). I captured the rainstorms on the way there. We hope to go back for our neighbors family reunion in August. Otherwise, the plan is to hit the Cowboy Symposium in October. Either way it’s a win-win!

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Travel courtesies

Since this is a travel blog, my sister recommended this topic. You know, you would think that some of these issues would be common sense, but as my smarter-than-smart husband often says, “common sense isn’t that common [see other notables in Rickyisms].” So I will edit this column as situations arise.

1. Be considerate of those staying in the rooms next to yours. Recently, my sister, Melanie, was awakened at 5:20 a.m. (after a long flight from LA) by a mother trying to wake her son and friends staying in the room next to my sister. After a couple of minutes of banging on their door, my sister, rudely awakened by this thoughtless jerk, stuck her head out of her door and gave this woman THE LOOK. She sheepish responded to my sister, “I was trying to wake up my teenage son and his friends.” Melanie countered with, “have you tried using the phone?” The woman just bowed her head and slinked off down the hall. What a revelation!

2. Don’t let your diesel truck idle. My husband frequently travels for his job, works long hours, and relishes the few hours of rest he gets at the local hotel. So he mentioned that it REALLY TICKS HIM OFF when fellow travelers head out early in the morning and start up their diesel trucks! Now, why do you have to let that thing idle (and make a CONSIDERABLE amount of noise!) while you get your coffee, pay your bill and check out? Totally unnecessary!

Feel free to share your annoyances with me!

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New beverage (to me, anyway)

This should be delicious–with or without added alcohol!


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A little hometown fun

I guess I think that the only “travel” bits I can write about are the ones that take me away from home. But thinking on a larger scale, any travel that takes me out of my house and neighborhood can be a story, including the ones in my own backyard (figuratively speaking).

This past weekend, in an effort to show my son-in-law, Jeff, some local events the family took off to Revolver Brewing (www.revolverbrewing.com). Even though it was a bit on the warm side, we packed up our 3 month old grandson, Brodie (he’s a pretty good traveler by now!), and enjoyed a great afternoon there.  And this time, not being pregnant, daughter Allison got to actually taste their choice beers: Blood and Honey, High Brass Ale, Bock, and the very chewy Mother’s Little Fracker. All were delicious! We likewise enjoyed the music of Daniel de la Rocha (hope I got that right!)

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Then, after a short rest at home, we headed over to Miyako Japanese Restaurant. Yum yum sushi!  It was delicious as usual, and my hubby Rick even indulged. If I had MY way, we would go once a week!

Sushi@Miyako Sushi@Miyako2

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The key is to k…

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

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