Airstream Chronicles pt 7 (?)

After a cold week Rick and I finally got some warmer weather so we could work on the Airstream! Although he doesn’t want to irritate our neighbors, I convinced him to bring the Airstream to the house so we could work on it in the driveway with full access to tools–and the refrigerator and snacks!

As you can see by the following pictures we really got a lot done. All of this can’t happen too quickly for me! And a shout out to our neighbor Jerry who stopped by to see what was going on. He decided to give Rick a hand.

Another chilly wet week and then more time this coming weekend to get her in shape!

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Early morning

I’m really excited that this week is finally getting some SUN!

It has been difficult to get “up” with such a gloomy, cloudy week. But yesterday the sun finally appeared! This morning I was up early and managed to snap this photo. Hard to stay inside when your morning starts like this!


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Airstream Chronicles Pt 5

Now on to the big project of the year!

I have set a deadline of LJT’s Music Festival in April for the time when the Airstream, Rollickin’ Rosie (I’m going with this name for now) will be ready to roll! If it wasn’t so stinking COLD this weekend we would be working on it!

Here are some pictures that I took when we worked on it a couple of months ago. As you can see there are a couple of before and afters. Amazing what some MinWax Gel Stain can do to the cabinets. Time to move on!

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Winter is snowtime in Ruidoso!

Ahhh, back in the mountains of New Mexico!

We love it in Ruidoso any time of year. A week over New Year’s was just the ticket to clear our heads and enjoy the coooollllddd mountain air!

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Christmas on the Riverwalk

We finally got an opportunity to see the lights on the Riverwalk in San Antonio at Christmas! Great time with family and friends!

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Back in the saddle again

It’s already January 2015!

I existed through 2014 and look to be a lot more “in touch” for 2015.  I guess I was trying to “make” something out of this blog instead of just blogging. So that’s my purpose in 2015!

Looking back at the pictures in my phone I was pretty busy towards the end of the year.

First up: Our annual girls trip took us to Alpine/Marfa in November. Even though it is sooo far, I really enjoy the trip, in addition to the time with the ladies. If you’ve never been you really should! Some pics from that excursion:

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Quick weekend

Rick and I only had a short time to visit his parents in Anson, TX before he had to go out of town for work. Since he left a day earlier to attack some of those “son” tasks, I got to take my time going and coming! It was nice to do a little exploring along the way.

First stop was to Natty Flats, TX. Where, you say? Well, it’s a little (aka teeny) place heading north on 281 just outside of Lipan (where again? You know Texas: full of little towns). If you haven’t seen it, here is the eye-grabber:

World's largest rocker!

World’s largest rocker!

It really is a sight to see. Then I had to try the food when I saw this:

good barbecue!

good barbecue!

The pulled pork sandwich was amazing, as were the beans and the baked potato salad (see the full report on

I managed to stop and take some pictures of Americana along the way: the not-so-thriving town of Putnam, followed by Baird, Cisco, and Ranger. Oh, and the smokestack in Thurber. All have stories, but I will have to leave that for another day, unfortunately.

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