A little hometown fun

I guess I think that the only “travel” bits I can write about are the ones that take me away from home. But thinking on a larger scale, any travel that takes me out of my house and neighborhood can be a story, including the ones in my own backyard (figuratively speaking).

This past weekend, in an effort to show my son-in-law, Jeff, some local events the family took off to Revolver Brewing (www.revolverbrewing.com). Even though it was a bit on the warm side, we packed up our 3 month old grandson, Brodie (he’s a pretty good traveler by now!), and enjoyed a great afternoon there.  And this time, not being pregnant, daughter Allison got to actually taste their choice beers: Blood and Honey, High Brass Ale, Bock, and the very chewy Mother’s Little Fracker. All were delicious! We likewise enjoyed the music of Daniel de la Rocha (hope I got that right!)

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Then, after a short rest at home, we headed over to Miyako Japanese Restaurant. Yum yum sushi!  It was delicious as usual, and my hubby Rick even indulged. If I had MY way, we would go once a week!

Sushi@Miyako Sushi@Miyako2

About travelgirlie

First, I love to travel. Second, I love to drink wine. Third, I enjoy shopping and discovering new places. We (husband Rick and I) moved back to Texas after eight years in New Mexico and have jumped quickly into the social scene. My sister-in-law suggested I start a blog about the restaurants/festivals/events/out-of-the-way spots we've been to so I thought--why not? I hope you enjoy my blog.
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One Response to A little hometown fun

  1. Allison says:

    It was a fantastic day! Revolver is one of my new favorite places (even more so now that I’m not pregnant 😉), and Miyako was delish! Can’t wait to do it again!!!

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