Travel courtesies

Since this is a travel blog, my sister recommended this topic. You know, you would think that some of these issues would be common sense, but as my smarter-than-smart husband often says, “common sense isn’t that common [see other notables in Rickyisms].” So I will edit this column as situations arise.

1. Be considerate of those staying in the rooms next to yours. Recently, my sister, Melanie, was awakened at 5:20 a.m. (after a long flight from LA) by a mother trying to wake her son and friends staying in the room next to my sister. After a couple of minutes of banging on their door, my sister, rudely awakened by this thoughtless jerk, stuck her head out of her door and gave this woman THE LOOK. She sheepish responded to my sister, “I was trying to wake up my teenage son and his friends.” Melanie countered with, “have you tried using the phone?” The woman just bowed her head and slinked off down the hall. What a revelation!

2. Don’t let your diesel truck idle. My husband frequently travels for his job, works long hours, and relishes the few hours of rest he gets at the local hotel. So he mentioned that it REALLY TICKS HIM OFF when fellow travelers head out early in the morning and start up their diesel trucks! Now, why do you have to let that thing idle (and make a CONSIDERABLE amount of noise!) while you get your coffee, pay your bill and check out? Totally unnecessary!

Feel free to share your annoyances with me!

About travelgirlie

First, I love to travel. Second, I love to drink wine. Third, I enjoy shopping and discovering new places. We (husband Rick and I) moved back to Texas after eight years in New Mexico and have jumped quickly into the social scene. My sister-in-law suggested I start a blog about the restaurants/festivals/events/out-of-the-way spots we've been to so I thought--why not? I hope you enjoy my blog.
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4 Responses to Travel courtesies

  1. Debbie says:

    Travel peeve #1: Too much perfume when flying! If you’ve ever been seated next to the lady doused in heavy perfume, you’ll know how annoying and sickening this scenario gets. Be kind to others and leave the fragrance in your luggage instead of giving flight-mates a migraine.

  2. I struggle most with air travel. Here are a few things that I notice. When arriving and waiting to get off the plane, people should not stand up in the aisle and grab their things from the overhead bins. It makes more sense to wait until those in front have made their way forward. Standing in the aisle with all of one’s items will not get people off the plane any sooner. Also, when waiting to board a plane, I wish people would wait until their group is called. Standing at the entrance to the loading ramp will not get anyone on the plane any sooner. It actually slows things down. People should also have a boarding pass ready to go when it is their turn. Finally, reclining in the seats in coach. Most airplane seats are small enough without the person in front taking more room. Generally, if people would just be more courtious and think about how their actions impact those around them, air travel could be much more enjoyable.

    • travelgirlie says:

      You are so right–on all counts! I don’t know what the heck the hurry is to grab his/her stuff and then stand in the aisle forever! Makes a person crazy(ier)…Thanks for responding! ;o)

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